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Outside work, I have a number of interests. One of these is photography. I have been doing photography most of my life and began darkroom work at around the age of 10. I have had a photo exhibit and have had his photos appear in a book (Brett Milano's The Sound of Our Town: A History of Boston Rock & Roll), periodicals and CD artwork (including Robin Lane's Catbird Seat). Some of my music photographs can be seen at Recently I started a business PhotoArtByRoy in which I digitally alter portraits I take at events.

Another of my interests is theatre. In addition to seeing a great many productions, I have been involved in productions in high school, college, and while a professor. My involvement has included playwriting, acting, lighting, sound and set construction. I am also a member of the Rho Kappa cast of Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honor fraternity.

But perhaps my biggest passion is music. I enjoy music. Many types. I attend lots of concerts (mostly rock clubs these days, but also classical, folk, blues, jazz, etc.) and, time permitting, attempt to play keyboards (which I do so poorly at this point that I won't let anyone else hear). And, of course, I listen to lots of recorded music, too.

I have organized music festivals (see and have booked other shows (see and have occasionally done sound in clubs. I also assisted with sound in several theatre productions and advised many undergraduate projects dealing with computers and music.

When home, I used to spend a lot of time with my cat Grady (sometimes known as "Grady Bunch" or simply "Gray"). Alas, he has been gone for more than a decade now, but he is still with me in spirit.

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